About is a 2D space shooter featuring enhancements. Upgrade your own customised spaceship, amass resources, and outmanoeuvre your adversaries. Space is just large enough to accommodate the quickest and most audacious space criminals. Have you got what it takes to conquer the universe?

First, keep in mind that large ships require significantly more propulsion than tiny, agile fighters. The greater the number of body suits a military unit wears, the less mobile it becomes. You must choose between manoeuvrability and assault strength, between quickness and strength. In other words, choose the appropriate play style and tactics for your organisation.

In the campaign game, your ship can be modified and re-equipped endless times. There is a minor transient penalty for using construction tools, but you can generally construct an offensive unit in a single combat.

However, all construction work is performed at the expense of the space's resources. They can be generated at random on the map or dumped by players who have perished in battle. In the latter scenario, more resources manifest, and this is a fast method to make money.

Everyone on the map desires to be the most powerful and acquire the most deadly ship. This implies that you should not anticipate any kindness from your opponent. Try to avoid conflict and avoid starting large confrontations, particularly if your opponent is substantially larger and more powerful than you.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to build and fire, and the WASD keys to move.

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