About is a fun and engaging multiplayer shooter game in which players must navigate a pixelated 2D metropolis while attempting to eliminate their opponents. Move your character with the WASD or arrow keys, and aim and fire your weapon using the mouse's left click button. Start with a simple handgun to deal damage; more weapons are concealed throughout the city and boxes.

You can really hop into vehicles and drive them around, which is another interesting feature of this incredible game. Take control of a police car, for instance, and use it to kill other players. How long can you stay alive? Are you capable of becoming the Shoot Em champion?


Flamethrower - Destroy more targets more quickly.
Machine Gun - Shoot multiple rounds in rapid succession.
Sniper - Fire slowly yet deal significant damage.
Shotgun - Four-bullet burst
Rocket Launcher - Excellent for penetrating walls and hitting foes
Pistol - You spawn with this weapon, find another!


You can drive different cars
Several artifacts will be destroyed.
Dispersed weapons and health supplies that can be retrieved.
Web platform browser


WASD or the arrow keys to navigate
Left-click to fire
Right-click to enter wall construction mode, then click again to construct the wall
Shift to sprint or drift
Use the space bar to pick up an object or enter a vehicle.

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