About is a thrilling first-person war action game in which you must do whatever it takes to survive a fierce battle by collecting coins, purchasing new weapons, and investing your money in upgrading your soldier's appearance. Are you capable of reaching the top of the leaderboard?

Observe your surroundings carefully and move stealthily from side to side as you protect your people from a lethal assault; only a brave and fearless soldier has a chance of surviving to the end! Enjoy stunning 3D graphics and a detailed environment as you silently eliminate the enemy battalion. Good luck...

How to Play

The gameplay is relatively simple, particularly for fans of the genre. Using the WASD keys, you can walk and strafe. Use the Spacebar to jump, and the Shift key to crouch. Move the mouse cursor to look around, click RMB to aim, and LMB to fire. Determine which loadouts work best by experimenting with a variety of them. Rifles do less damage but have a longer range. Shotguns are considerably less accurate, but lethal up close. Sometimes, switching to a knife and engaging in close-quarters combat is the optimal tactic.

Participate in one of the most incredible multiplayer arenas of recent times. Every game of is a fast-paced, unpredictable battle. The outcome is solely determined by the competitors' abilities, precision, and reflexes. Develop the skills necessary to win every match and terrorize the opposition.


Enjoy incredible 3D graphics.
Collect funds to invest in various enhancements.
Personalize your character as you see fit.
Reload your weapons whenever they run out of ammunition.
Destroy your enemies with brutality.
Position yourself atop the leaderboard.

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