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About Slime lol

Slime lol is a fun game that lets you play sports as a team. In the game, you play as a slimy ball that loves to kick a soccer ball around. This game has a realistic physics engine that lets you understand how the ball bounces, predict what will happen, and respond in a reasonable way. If you pay attention, you'll figure out over time what will happen when you hit it at a certain angle. 

How to play

In Slime. LOL, you'll play volleyball, soccer, or basketball one-on-one with only your number pad or the W, A, S, and D buttons and a limited-use power shot. You'll be up against a player with a big smile who will do anything to knock you out of the league. Move up the leader board by parrying, dodging, power-hitting, and penalty-kicking your way to victory. 

You must also make good use of your "power shot," which lets you serve, hit, or shoot faster and with more power. When used sparingly, this will catch your opponents off guard, and you might even get a surprise point for it. You can also change how you look with the number pad. Use how you feel to trick your opponent.


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