About is a new and entertaining io game in which you enter the arena equipped with a GIANT hammer. Destroy all of your adversaries! Win and engage in the subsequent, more tough and potent conflicts! The rules have never been so straightforward: just destroy your opponents and avoid being struck! The winner is the final survivor of the io game!

Clown Games offers a brand-new and one-of-a-kind game: Aim and destroy your adversaries, then gather the dots to increase your hammer's size. Show no compassion to the nearby worms so they may develop more quickly.

In this stickman fight club, you must defeat monster gangs in order to proceed to the more tough and amusing stickman combat. Become the greatest smasher, defeat your allies, and eject them all from the arena!

How to play

Your character is controlled with the mouse, and you may use the space bar or the left mouse button to crush foes with your hammer. By hitting W or using the right mouse button while running, you may move quicker and punch harder. Don't forget to gather bits to construct a larger hammer!


Use your hammer to destroy as many foes as possible. Beat the worms to make them grow more rapidly. Nevertheless, beware the larger worms! They must be struck before they can shock you.

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