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About Snowball Racling

Roll in the fluffy snow and win this fun challenge in Snowball Racing!  This game is the ideal of the child within us all. You only need to go around in a circle to produce a massive avalanche, so observe the results! Snowball Racing pits you against other participants.

This game requires you to compete in a contest with two other participants. Your mission is to gather as much snow as possible in order to construct the largest snowball possible. Use this snowball to construct stairs leading to the next platform. Hasten up! Make every effort to finish first in order to triumph. You can collide with your opponents' snowballs to demolish them and impede their movement.

How to play Snowball Racing

Hold down the left mouse button to direct the character. There are multiple increasingly demanding levels. Complete them all to earn the maximum amount of money. Spend your earnings to purchase new costumes in the shop. Try your best! Explore the game and have joy immediately.


- Colorful 3D graphics
- Relaxing gameplay with a winter atmosphere
- Skins to unlock
- Start big option available

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