About is a battle io game in which you play as a deadly sea beast and take down the enemies with your tusks.

In this game, you can be a deadly shark, whale, or dolphin. Roam around the sea and collect food to gain boosts and increase your score. You can defeat other fish by attacking them from the side or behind. And as you eliminate them, you can increase the length of your tusk. When your tusk is long enough, you will become stronger. There are also other players trying to attack you. Try to avoid the sharp end of their stabber.

You can unlock various sea beasts as you unlock milestone achievements. Try to defeat fishes with the same colored ring continuously to gain a chain bonus.

Every player starts the game with a basic tusk. And you can upgrade your tusk when you reach level 4.

Game Features:

  • Engaging and aggressive stab gameplay
  • Random bonuses
  • Various achievements to unlock

Release Date

February 2020

Game Developer was developed by Zytech AI.


How to play

On PC:

Use your mouse to control the movement.

Left-click to boost speed.

On Mobile:

Swipe to move.

Hold the two fingers on the screen to boost speed.


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