You can play with other people, and the only goal is to become the most beautiful and bright star in the sky.

How to play

At first, when you're weak, it's best to stay out of harm's way and earn stardust without meaning to. When you make your orbit bigger, you can also get power-ups from worlds. When you're big enough, you can also dash into other players to fight them. What if the person is bigger than you? You might still be able to steal their stardust. It would be dangerous to fight, though, and you might lose your stardust. If you're in a tight spot, you can look for a black hole to squeeze into. You should only dash during fights because it uses up stardust. If the person is blinking, they can't be hurt right now. You shouldn't start a fight with them. You can move around in with your mouse.

Have fun and good luck!

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