In the online game, you must rely solely on the natural world to survive. Create supplies to endure the cold and hunger! Gather as many materials as you can to build a bonfire, feed yourself, and sow seeds to grow a garden so that you can stave off the nighttime chill. Create your own swords, engage in player combat, or decide to coexist! Tips and Strategy

To begin, gather enough materials to construct a campfire. When night falls, you can withstand the cold for a time, but you'll need some FIRE!

- Gather stone and wood to make pickaxes, swords, and walls.

- Locate a location with water, useful materials, and a workbench, then set up your base there.

- Commence farming! Make seeds to plant them and avoid being hungry!

- Find gold and diamond resources to upgrade your tools.

How to play

Tap or swipe to move

Hold finger on items to collect resources, craft, and fight.


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