About is a multiplayer game where you become a ping pong ball that has to strike other balls to get them out of the arena. In STOLK, you will engage in fast-paced action as you vie for dominance. You will find yourself playing like a ping pong ball with a racket attempting to hit other balls, in an arena where the ball is so familiar to you, the ping pong table. Use your speed and skill to escape your opponent's assaults and knock them off the table before they knock you down.

Your objective is to eliminate other players near the edge of the map, gaining power with each successful elimination.
As you become older you will notice your speed start to diminish, this is because you are becoming larger and heavier. The heavier you are, the more difficult it is for other players to knock you down, but you are still vulnerable.

(W): Moving Forward
(A): Move left
(S): Step back
(D): Move right
(Shift): Hold to accelerate for a short time
(LMB): CLICK to rotate paddle, HOLD to increase swing speed and hit harder

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