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You will compete against other online players from around the world in the most epic and difficult competition in Sunny Farm IO, a thrilling multiplayer game. On Friv Land, this game may appear to be about a farm where you cultivate a variety of vegetables and feed animals. Actually, it's about harvesting, not planting. It transports you to a wheat field where you and other players compete for the title of most successful wheat harvester. You won't be using the sickle to harvest the wheat, so don't worry. The more wheat you harvest, the more trailers you will receive for your reaper. If a player collides with one of your trailers, he is eliminated from the game.

However, you must also exercise caution. If your enemies are in front of you, you must now turn. You are unable to stop your truck. Automatically, it advances. The only factor you can influence is its direction. Do not leave the wheat field. If you don't, you die too. If you enter the green area, you must restart the game. Ensure that you remain within the safe zone at all times.

How to play Sunny Farm IO

The objective of this game is to harvest as much wheat as possible while surviving for as long as possible. Use the keyboard's Left, Right, Up, and Down arrows to control your combination. You may also use the W, A, S, and D keys if you prefer. All you need to do is plant wheat in the yellow sections of the field.

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