About is an extremely cool and entertaining fighting action game. This game is quite popular on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can now play on your computer online at The game features a straightforward and familiar gameplay. Your objective is to eliminate other players in order to level up your superhero. As you gain levels, you will morph into increasingly powerful superheroes. Let's play and see how far we can evolve!

How to Play
Basics is a game, therefore you must progress rapidly and prevent early death. Collect as many orbs as possible to grow your superhero until you are confident in his or her combat prowess. Each time you gain a level, you will increase in size and transform into one of 30 renowned heroes or villains.

There are numerous bonuses and upgrades integrated into the game to assist you increase your character's statistics and survival chances. Each kill grants you life tokens, which can be used to increase your attack speed, attack range, and movement speed.

You must think strategically. Using the dash button (right-click) is a great technique to maneuver quickly and deftly during combat, escaping your opponent's blows and swooping in for the kill.

Avoid being overly eager to attack. Instead, develop your hero until you are combat-ready. You should still play cautiously and avoid large enemy groups if you wish to survive.


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