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About 2 Chaos Giant

Superhero io 2: Giant Chaos is an exciting multiplayer online battle arena game featuring Super Heroes and epic gameplay. You can choose from a variety of heroes to fight against your enemies. This time, you can create chaos on the battlefield by capturing enemy weapons. Use your favorite heroes to gain experience and level up, or acquire skill items to become a giant or invulnerable. Daily bonuses and daily quests facilitate the collection of heroes.

How to play Superhero io 2

Your mission is to destroy the adversary in order to become a new superhero.
Use the mouse for character control; left-click to attack.

Outstanding Features

- Thirty well-known superheroes are available for use at the beginning of the game by watching videos, completing quests, or spinning the lucky wheel.
- Attaining a higher level increases the size of the character.
- A hero who has died will drop his weapon, which other heroes can pick up by touching it. (Similar to Captain America wielding Mjolnir)
- With the leveling up of the new ability 'Attack Area,' the hero can unleash a devastating barrage of attacks.
- New items such as "Speed up," "Indestructible," and "Grow up."
- New seven-day reward system, fortune wheel, and questing system. There are many new features awaiting you!

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