About is a multiplayer snake io game where you have to conquer as much territory as you can to become the biggest snake in the arena.

You start as a small hexagonal snake in a large arena, and you have to move your snake around and go back to your territory to create a complete ring. Remember that you can't touch your own line. Otherwise, you will lose the game. While you are wandering around to claim your territory, if another player hits your line, the game is over. So you need to be careful and protect yourself as well as your territory from the invaders. You can consider capturing a small area instead of completing huge rings. This will reduce the chance of losing. The further you stay away from your territory, the greater the chance you can be destroyed.

Release date

June 2017

Developer was developed by Tekko Studios.

How to play

Use the mouse or arrow keys to control to movement of your snake.

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