About is a multiplayer fidget spinner game with aspects of other io games, such as Before beginning a match, you may modify the appearance of your gyroscope, from bright colors to badges. You do not need to establish an account or log in to play; you may play alone or with others from all around the globe. And the objective of is to get the greatest score or to be the last player standing.

In this game, glow gems are the most significant item. You can progressively improve the speed and size of your gyroscope by collecting them! Collide with slower players to kill them and grab their gems, but beware of quicker players, who might steal your jewels or perhaps kill you if the gap is too great. Increase your speed to pursue and evade other players more quickly; it consumes your existing speed, so pay heed. Start out slowly and gradually acquire gems to boost your speed. Avoid fight until your speed is sufficient, and then it's showtime!

How to play

Use mouse to control movement
Left click to increase speed

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