About is a great game about fidget spinners. You are in charge of a single fidget spinner and have to knock out other players' spinners.

How to play

You only use the mouse to fight in, a 3D isometric battle game where spinning tops try to knock each other off. To change your top, press and hold the left mouse button anywhere on the screen. Just move the mouse around to move the top, and it will stay where it is. The goal is to win and be the last top left after eliminating all the other tops. You'll have to wait until the next match if you get knocked out.

The spinners work like bumpers, which means you have to spin into other tops to move them around. Since it's based on motion, the tops that move faster can hit harder. Little bumps can stop your progress by throwing you off course. The arenas can be any form, but they don't have any edges, so if you get knocked out, your top will fall off. You can get more skins and move up in rank the more games you win.

Have fun and good luck!

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