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About Swordz.io

Swordz.io is a tense multiplayer online battle arena game in which players compete against one another in an effort to emerge victorious.

Who among us has what it takes to earn the title of best swordsman by earning the highest score? You will begin the battle with only one branch, and in order to acquire food, you will need to use your skills to defeat the other players using the weapons you have available to you. You can utilize this to improve your character and make yourself a more formidable opponent in the upcoming battle by making use of the available upgrades.

The player-versus-player mode and the food chain mode are the two separate game types that are now available to be played. If you're a fan of this game, you should also check out EvoWars.io. There will be a lot of new updates available very shortly. Please share your ideas with us in the comment section below.


How to play

Use your mouse to control your character. Left Button to attack and Right Button to dash.

Kill Green and Red dots to level, and your sword also becomes longer and stronger.

Kill other players for extra score.


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