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About Tanksmith.io

Tanksmith.io is a game where you build tanks. Gather resources and build your tank one unit at a time to make it the strongest and fight the other tanks.

In Tanksmith.io, your goal is to get the highest score or to be the last player standing. Also, Y8 2 People just added a bunch of new games that are similar to Tanksmith.io. You can check them out in the "Related Games" section or on the two sides of the game screen. If you like this Tanksmith.io game, don't forget to click "Like" and tell everyone about it.

Games Tasks:

  • Get things together
  • Build your tank
  • Get ready for battle.
  • All against people from all over the world in real time
  • An original tank-shooter/tower-defense hybrid
  • Build your tank with 10 different units, and use 5 different resources to improve them.
  • Fight against hundreds of other players in a 2D game that feels real.

Control: Use the mouse and function keys or see the in-game tutorial

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