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About Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a third-person longboard-skating game in which the player controls a panda skating downhill on a synthwave-themed coastal path that is generated by a computer.

How to play

Tanuki is your raccoon. This laid-back trash eater dreams. FISH magazine's cover is the goal. Only the best longboarders are honored. Tanuki then strives to earn this honor. He must bike through mountains, city streets, and sandy beaches to do this. You can establish your legend status on the enormous ramp if you avoid all obstacles.

Drift around tight corners, collect Tanuki Bits to fill your Bonus Roulette Meter, and try to get as many points as you can. Frequent drift. Get some air, avoid cars and other obstacles, and try your luck close to walls and edges to get close calls and high scores. Master the board as you drift through beautiful mountain ranges, zoom through busy city streets, and ride along the sandy beaches of Sunset Island. Train to do awesome tricks like jumping off of off-ramps and longboarding backwards. In Tanuki Sunset, get your longboard and race to the top.

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