About is a multiplayer soccer game that utilizes 2D physics, playable on both browsers and mobile devices. Players can participate in team or solo leagues, as well as create and host customized games with others.

How to play

Scoring as many goals as possible can be a challenging feat, especially since you'll be competing against real players. Showcase your skills and determination, and strive to push yourself to the limit. With hours of exhilarating gameplay, you won't want to put it down.

As time is a limiting factor, quick reflexes are crucial. Additionally, it's recommended to team up with competent players, as lone wolves can disrupt the gameplay experience. You have the option to join a solo or team league, or organize a custom game with your friends.


  • To control your player, simply use your mouse. Left-click to kick the ball, and right-click to sprint.
  • If you prefer keyboard controls, you can customize them in the game's settings. Experiment with using W, S, A, and D or the arrow keys to move, SPACE to kick, and Q to sprint.


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