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On TileFall.io, you can engage in multiplayer combat with other players. The objective of this online platform is to advance from one tile to the next for as long as possible. There is a problem: stepping on bricks causes them to collapse. As there are multiple players on the court at the same time, things may rapidly become hectic. Can you outrun your opponent and remain on top of the tower as the others continue to fall?

How do you play TileFall?
All Tile-falling players begin on equal footing. Several stories beneath our feet was a lava lake. It is impossible to avoid, but you will win if the other players fall there before you. To prevent your dinosaur from becoming a kebab, you must avoid your foes and devise new strategies for defeating them.

The controls for TileFall.io are straightforward: use the W, A, S, and D keys to move and the Space bar to jump. Move the mouse to rotate the camera. The key to winning the game is foresight: keep an eye out for other players landing nearby and avoid larger gaps. Stick to unblemished brick areas to avoid becoming stranded on a small island.


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