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About TileMan.io

TileMan.io is an fun multiplayer territory game in which you must try and capture as many blocks as you can. You start with a block of a random color, and you have to try to make all of the blocks on the map the same color.

How to play TileMan.io

To move, use the controls. You will die if you hit your player trail. You can also be killed by other people. Return to your territory to get rid of your trail and make it bigger. You get more points when you own more tiles and when you kill other players. Don't forget to keep other players out of your area.

Move quickly and smartly. Cut off your opponent and take their land by planning ahead. You are a good neon dot in a world of gray grids. Your only goal is to get more land by moving out and then coming back. You must outsmart, outmaneuver, and outlast your opponents as you build a powerful empire out of glowing neon grids. Move quickly, smartly, and to win!


  • Move: WASD or arrowsPause: E or PExit game: EscSkip death/Play: Enter
  • Touch controls and Numpad are supported too.

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