About is a multiplayer survival tower defense game where everything is square! Defend against foes and amass point squares to reach the top of the scoreboard. Construct your base by drawing foes into your traps. You'll begin with some simple traps, but as you go, you'll get access to larger and more effective traps that will allow you to defeat more foes. But do not believe it will be simple. As you continue, an increasing variety of more hazardous foes will pursue you. Constructing a tiny base around one of the square spawn locations is a solid beginning tactic. Thus, you will be able to approach the squares effortlessly and get off to a strong start. The same concept may be used to health square spawners; thus, would you choose unlimited points or infinite health, or is your base large enough to support both? The squares dropped by vanquished foes will fill your scoring bar. Once the bar is full, you will be able to pick between upgrades, more health, increased speed, or bomb traps. You must select your own route.

How to play

Utilize the WASD or arrow keys to manipulate the white square in the center (you). Using the buttons on the left side of the display, choose the kind of trap you want to set. Click somewhere on the display to put a trap underneath you. Don't worry if you lose anything. Right-clicking on traps will remove them, allowing you to reposition them. After you die (as we all do), check your statistics and continue playing.

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