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About Treasure Arena

The goal of the fighting IO game Treasure Arena is to beat other players while looking for cash. 

How to play

Treasure Arena is a game where you race other players to get a lot of gold. It's a huge free-for-all, so anyone can attack anyone else, and there are also tough NPCs all over the map defending the treasure.

Wait for this fast-paced 16-bit dungeon free-for-all where real enemies and NPCs are all out to hit you in the head with a spike! Get useful weapons and treasure all over the map while dodging bombs, arrows, and drunk swordsmen who are coming at you.


To move around, press the arrow keys or WASD keys. To aim, click the mouse. To attack, press left, to block, and to use a skill, press e. You need to give your energy time to recover between actions, or you won't be able to defend yourself.

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