Trickplit io is a highly addicting multiplayer arena game in which players must grow their cells by absorbing floating pieces. Your objective is to become the arena's most cultivated cell. Have no pity on your opponents and become the Tricksplit arena's master! is a multiplayer io game in which players from all over the world compete for survival. The objective of the game is to consume as many dots as possible and grow quicker than your opponents. When old enough, you can also compete against other players. Have we piqued your interest? Come then and play!

How to play
Beginning with a little tile, players must absorb other randomly created tiles on the map. You can also absorb other players if they are smaller than your tile; but, if they are not smaller than your tile, they will absorb you and you will lose the game. Utilize distinct strategies to defeat the largest tiles. They can divide in the event of danger or to reach other tiles moving faster than you.


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