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About Tyran.io

Tyran.io is a battle royale game about dinosaurs where you can hatch and ride dinosaurs. Grab an egg to make a dinosaur hatch. Only your own dinosaurs can be ridden.

Tyran.io is a browser-based strategy game. You can play it for free, and you can also spend real money to buy things inside the game. It's a lot of fun to play Tyran.io, but you need to be careful. You can die if another player kills you or if a really nasty Tyranid overpowers you.

How to play

The goal is easy: try to kill all the other players on the field and be the last one standing. To do this, you need to find weapons that are good enough. Find crates to help you destroy homes. You can also find useful first-aid kits along with weapons. Be sure to keep an eye on the zone as it shrinks. It can kill you very quickly.


  • WASD to move
  • E to interact
  • R to reload
  • Esc to open the Options menu
  • Left mouse button attack
  • Right mouse button to drop items

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