About is a multiplayer first-person shooter with loot mechanisms. Choose a character and a weapon, then dive into the action-packed environment. Utilize your talents and quick reactions to top the leaderboards. Unlock and strategically use unlocked cards against your opponents.

On your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you may play for free. The game may be accessed in your browser without the need for a download. Full-screen mode is also available for PC users. Enjoy playing on Poki, and maybe you'll reach the top of the leaderboards!

Maps & Game Modes


On a map resembling a desert, you engage in a game mode comparable to loot/domination. By remaining in the green region, the objective is to unlock the level's skills (Flag Point). About a minute is spent shooting.

Mistletoe - PAYLOAD

You play a refreshingly new game mode on a small-town-like terrain. The goal of this mode is to propel a minecart at the opponent. You do this by standing inside the cart's green perimeter. In this region, your powers may be unlocked.

Leng Nguyen - GUNGAME

On a landscape reminiscent of winter, you play a shooting game in traditional mode. The objective is to use every weapon in the game. After each kill, your rank will grow and you will get access to a new weapon.


After slaying an opponent in a temple-like environment, you play a game mode in which you must gather "Black Coins." The objective is to gather these coins after killing a foe and 'transfer' them to the green region of the temple.


Community-created maps and game types may be found under the 'custom' option. For each custom map, it is possible to see the number of online users and the number of votes the map has received. You may construct your own maps and game types with the 'Map Editor' Don't forget to share and play your games with others!

Overload \sHero

Lilium, Shin, Echo, and Kulu are the four playable heroes. The skills and play styles of every character are unique. The primary ability of Lilium is an enormously damaging grenade. In addition, she has melee capability, since she can deliver damage at close range with her hammer. Shin's primary ability consists of damaging darts that may charm foes. In addition, he has a melee ability that allows him to attack foes by lunging at them. Echo's primary ability is a hurled ax that causes damage and has the potential to enchant foes. In addition, he has the melee ability grappling hook, which allows him to grapple with an opponent towards a certain side. Kulu, a new character, has finally arrived. We challenge you to investigate your options.


There are eight available weapons: Scar, AK47, M4 (Assault Rifle), Shotgun, Tec-9 (SMG), Sniper Rifle, Light Machine Gun (LMG), and Desert Eagle (pistol).

How to play

Utilize the mouse and function keys, or consult the game's instruction.


WASD to move
Spacebar for leap R for reload
I'm large due of melee attack
F to toss objects B to acquire Shift or RMG to concentrate H to dance
Enter to discuss
Hold B to shuffle cards
To fire LMB

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