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About Vex 6

VEX 6 is the newest addition to this series of parkour-platform games! Your stickman may now jump and slide through 9 New Actions and 9 New Difficult Actions. Each Stage concludes with "Vexation," the final stage to be completed. Make sure to gather coins along the way to unlock 64 unique Stickman skins. Want to increase your income? Then, daily, return to VEX 6 to accomplish daily missions and play daily bonus levels. Now running at a higher resolution and 60 frames per second, VEX 6 looks fantastic.

How to play Vex 6
Defeat the lethal traps
Similar to earlier Vex games, you will be continually cut, splattered, and beheaded by an assortment of lethal robots. The only way to improve and reduce deaths is to continue playing until you master the technique and timing.

Earn bonuses for skillful play.
Vex 6 incorporates a number of benefits. There are three objectives for each level, including earning a particular number of coins and completing the level without dying. There is also a daily bonus phase with multiple chambers and missions to complete.

Upgrade your Vex man
You can purchase new skins for your Vex character using valuable Vex cash and bonus stars. Unlockable clothes of varied rarity are available in the costume shop.


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