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About Vex 7

Vex 7 is the 7th chapter of the famous vex game series. A new chapter with super new tools and traps. This adventure is very exciting and dangerous. Let's take Vex very conquering this adventure!

Control the stickman to get him past dangerous obstacles like thorn tunnels, daggers, and rocks that fall out of nowhere. When you can double jump, high walls will no longer be a problem. Above all, watch out for surveillance cameras, because they will set off dangerous lasers.

In the new part of the Vex 7 game, you will continue to help your character win deadly parkour competitions. In front of you, on the screen, your hero will run down the road, getting faster and faster as he goes. On his way, there will be a lot of obstacles, traps, and other things that could hurt him. You have to be a good leader of your hero if you want him to get through all of these dangers without slowing down. Along the way, you'll have to help the main character pick up useful things that are lying around. For each one you choose, you get a certain number of points, and your hero can also get different bonuses.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

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