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About Wanderers.io

Wanderers.io is a fantastic survival game in which you must guide a nomadic tribe to collect resources and flourish in the wilderness. Use your first two rudimentary tribe members - an axe wielding and a bow wielder - to collect wood and hunt for food. Use the gathered resources to expand your tribe's membership and to develop new skills.

You must traverse the world in search of good sites to cultivate and hunt, while keeping an eye out for opposing tribes who may attempt to attack you. Construct diverse troops, including woodcutters, missionaries, axemen, and miners, to collect resources and expand your tribe. This game is very playable and tests your management and survival abilities! Create your own tribe of wanderers now!

How to play Wanderers.io

Grasp the totem to move your minions around. Your minions will interact with an item if you get near enough to it, but this will need the correct equipment. The bow allows you to hunt animals, the axe allows you to chop down trees, etc. There is a manual/tutorial in the game make sure to check it out.


Many upgrade options available for purchase
The cost to summon and purchase equipment grows as you have more troops
You may equip a unit with the equipment of your choosing.
There are several enemy troops on the map.
You just need to direct your troops' movement by repositioning the totem.

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