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About Warbot io

Welcome to the furious multiplayer robot fights of Warbot.io! Select the game mode you wish to play, defeat other players, and survive to the last to become the champion.

You will operate a powerful robot in the game that must eradicate other robots from the arena. Collect scatter power to strengthen your robot.

Utilize barriers and traps to strike your foes in a variety of ways. As you gain levels, you can acquire a random bonus. Use your earned gold to purchase stronger robots. Create strategies for a tactical game! Join never-ending combat with hundreds of robots! Have fun!

Three modes of play!

Free For All

Last One Standing ... (60 players needed!)

Survival Mission ... (Currently closed)

How to play

WASD to move.

Left-click to shoot.

Left or right arrow to rotate the camera.

Press Space for booster.

Right-click to lock or unlock the mouse camera view.

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