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WarCall.io is a fun fantasy battle royale game in which champions fight in a multiplayer arena packed with wicked warriors, clever wanderers, and daredevils to be the first of 101. Select from ten diverse champions, each of which offers a unique gaming experience due to their unique and upgradable abilities: Agile Mice, Tough Golem, Fierce Dragon, Cheeky Sorcerer, etc.

Combat your foes with three distinct strikes, including champion-specific special attacks. Gain experience and get stronger by amassing gold in the battlefield. After each battle, seek for gems and runes to boost your powers and performance.


Your objective is to eliminate all opponents in order to live.
The character is controlled using the mouse.
Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack, then hold it to attack harder.
Right-click to use special abilities.


Gather gold to increase your experience and level.
Health and Damage are increased with each level-up.
Kill foes to get a portion of their gold.
Collect boosters to heal yourself or temporarily enhance your performance: damage, speed, resistance, vision, and reach.
Destroy chests to discover more cash, runes, and jewels.
Visit the Equip screen between bouts to utilize the gold and resources gathered to enhance your weapons, armor, helmets, boots, gloves, belts, spaulders, rings, and amulets.

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