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About Wasteland Warriors

You have to stay alive in a world after the end of the world in Wasteland Warriors, which is full of dangerous areas.

How to play

There is only one choice for you in a world where hate rules. The goal of this game is to get your name at the top of the leaderboard by killing all the mutants and other people you see before they kill you. You'll be in the middle of a fight when you first arrive on the map. Don't trust anyone, and shoot everyone you see. Around the area, you can find medicine kits that will heal you and bullets that will hit your enemies twice as hard.

Both AI zombies and human opponents can easily hit you if you stay still. Put things in your way to hide, and always check your ammo. Being alone can make you stronger, so fight the wandering zombies when you feel down. They're smarter than they look!

Have fun and good luck!

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