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About Who are Ya

Who Are Ya? is a guessing game based on football-related sports subjects. How to play a comparable game to Wordle. You guess the name of the soccer player after eight attempts.
There are two tiers from which to choose:
For those of you who enjoy a challenge, there will be no suggestions for blurred images here. If you opt to "Hide Photos," it will be more difficult.
A fuzzy image of the player will be displayed, making it easier to predict. Then, with each unsuccessful effort, the image gradually becomes a little hazy and discloses the player's identity.
Photos can be enabled at any moment under Settings.

How to play Who's Ya?
Each attempt demonstrates a similarity between your prediction and the target individual. When the game begins, the player's silhouette is concealed. They will all participate in one of the five main European leagues: the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, or the Bundesliga. The game will indicate whether your guess regarding a player's age, country, league, or team was correct or incorrect.

Can you play previous challenges on Who Are Ya?
Who is Ya? enables you to compete in other challenges from the previous several days. To play an older challenge, navigate on Who Are Ya? and click the Calendar symbol to the player's left.

You can also choose different sports, such as Baseball, Basketball, Celebrity, Cricket, Football, Gorl, Ice Hockey, Racing, Tennis, and Volleyball, to guess the word on the left.

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