In the physics-based and mobile-optimized ragdoll puzzle game, your goal is to assist Santa Claus in descending from the upstairs stack of gifts.

You can enlist the help of reindeer, reliable but sometimes hostile animals. Each has its own unique characteristics; therefore you should try to use the one that best suits your situation or just click to skip them.

You can refer to the extensive tutorial that explains how everything works to help you get moving fast. Try to complete more than 30 campaign levels spread between 2 streams (2 ways to the finish line). Stock up on lots of reindeer and summon them to fight and reach the finish line.

How to play

Destroy the platform by clicking or using the cursor.
Pressing the left key will call the reindeer from the left.
Pressing the right button on the screen will call the reindeer from the right.


Take your time, keep an eye on the platforms you've destroyed and the results of those destructions, and use reindeer when you're in a pinch, but use caution as they can quite disruptive (you know, animal idiot...)

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