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Witz is a clever, competitive party game that belongs to the Strategy Games category. In Witz.io, you will compete online with several individuals from around the globe. And your objective in Witz.io is to obtain the greatest score or to be the last player standing. To beat other players, come up with the most amusing and original response to the prompt with up to 10 players. After each round, vote for your preferred response, and others will do the same for you. In the third round, the best answer given in the previous two rounds will become a clue, and you must provide the best response that corresponds to the supplied term. In the third round of voting, please select your top three choices! The game's victor will accumulate the most points.
Input a word or phrase in response to the prompt.
Click on an emoji, player, or chat to respond.
Click the card to indicate your preference.


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