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In the online multiplayer game Wormate.io, will you chew off more than you can chew? Join forces with an eccentric worm with an unquenchable hunger!

You will face off against worms controlled by players from all around the world. How long will yours endure after entering this feeding frenzy? If you appreciate snake games, Wormate.io will be a lot of fun.

Help your worm survive as long as possible as it devours a multitude of delicious cakes. In addition, it may acquire an abundance of beneficial power-ups. Just be cautious with the other worms!

How to play Wormate.io

In the universe of Wormate, your primary objective is to become the largest worm possible by consuming passively spawning food or by killing other worms and consuming their mass. To destroy an enemy planet, merely cause its head to collide with your own; however, keep in mind that anybody may consume the food fallen, so eat quickly. This ability works in both directions, so if you observe two larger worms fighting, you may steal part of their bulk for your own. Early on, it is advised not to attempt to fight other worms since your body is too little to actually catch them off guard. But, it is not a terrible idea to try to rescue food from deceased worms.

Tips for the win

Never engage in fight during the early stages of the game, since it will be hard to overcome opponents who have already amassed a large army of monsters. Some gamers who have played this game for a long time have characters as large as the map itself. Can you imagine overcoming something so formidable?

Instead than engaging in early conflicts, it would be prudent to concentrate on self-improvement and eating food that is dispersed around the globe.

Inside the game, your worm will follow your mouse cursor; however, this will only affect the direction the worm travels in. You may also click and hold the left mouse button to increase your worm's speed for as long as you hold it, but note that this skill depletes your current score over time.

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