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About Worm.is

Worm.is is like a mix between Slitherio and an RPG. Put on different clothes for your worm to level him up. That's the most important thing.

How to play

Clothes and shoes improve basic traits and give useful skills. It's just like Slither.io. To get away from other players, you have to crawl across the map and eat all the food dots. If someone runs into you, they will die, and you can take their body.


You have to pick coins and dots on the maps. The goal is for the worm to get much bigger. By your head, you can go through your own body, but not through the bodies of other enemies. If you don't, your enemy will die and all the mass he has gained will be lost. If you sign up for the game, you can use your coins to buy artifacts that make you stronger and even play in events.

One of the artifact's first abilities is a telescope that lets you zoom out for a short time. After that, you'll be able to see a bigger part of the map.

Have fun and good luck!

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