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About Wormroyale.io

WormRoyale.io is a fun and addicting multiplayer IO game where you control big fat worms to get lots of points. Start the game when a small worm comes out of its egg and starts looking for orbs to eat. You need to eat as many orbs as you can to beat other players.

Don't spend too much time near the field's edges, because they will get closer together over time and end your game if you touch them. In this fun WormRoyale IO, you have to try to be the last worm standing.

How to play WormRoyale.io

To prepare for a future battle, you need to apply battle coloring. You will be able to choose one specific color for the whole worm's body or several different colors at your discretion. Also, you can choose a funny hat or halo for a perfect image


Mouse-control the worm. Accelerate with left mouse button.

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