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About Yohoho IO

Yohoho.io is a battle royale io game in which you play as a pirate with the goal of eliminating other pirates and rule the islands.

You must move around and collect as much gold coins as possible to grow in size and become more powerful.

To defeat the opponents, simply swing your sword. After they die, you can collect their booty. At the same time, you have to avoid the red danger zone that keeps coming. If you step into it, you will lose part of your health bar. When it reaches 0, the game is over.

You can customize and upgrade your character with the coins you earned after each match.

Yohoho.io is a free multiplayer io game for PC, Android, and iOS.

Release date

April 2019


Yohoho.io was developed by Exodragon Games.

How to play

Use your mouse or WASD/arrow keys or drag to move.

Left click or tap on the screen to attack. 

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