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YORG.io game is about supply chains and zombies. Your objective is to construct a base that can withstand an invasion by zombies during the night. To protect your base, construct defense towers.

Day and night are distinct parts of the game. You will be protected during the day, so make the most of this opportunity to get ready and fortify your foundation. Order a service provider if your mine is not connected to your facility. You will need defense towers to protect your base and survive the night; since they need ammo, you must construct a factory to make them; since these factories need resources, you must construct mines to extract them. Did we emphasize how crucial supply lines are?

The undead will appear at night and attack your structures. The zombie population grows stronger every day, and a boss zombie will appear every ten waves. When your Base is destroyed, the game is over.


How to play

Use the mouse and function keys or see the in-game tutorial.


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