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About Yorg.io 3

YORG.io 3 is a distinctive blend of tower defense, zombies, and strategy. It challenges players to construct a fortified base and overcome the zombie invasion using a blend of tower defense, base building, and supply chain management.

How to play Yorg.io 3

Although you'll initially receive some basic buildings, the rest depends on you. We recommend that you don't skip the tutorial, as it provides valuable insights into building critical structures and understanding the potential threats. You'll learn how to protect yourself, but it's up to you to devise a winning strategy.

To survive, you'll need to clear the fog, plant mines, erect defensive walls, and position cannons strategically. When night falls, you'll be besieged by zombies and other monsters, making it crucial to stay alive and fortify your base.

In summary, YORG.io 3 is a challenging game that requires players to think strategically, build an impenetrable base, and survive the zombie onslaught.

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