The online game is massively multiplayer. Fight and destroy other players in a vast, open-world environment, and strive to be the most aggressive player!
Create billions of distinct playable creatures and save them in your collection. Players of all sizes are always under assault.
The older a player gets, the more susceptible he or she is to surprise assaults from younger players. Avoid head-on collisions with bigger players, since they result in immediate death. Instead, attack their tails.
Get some food to give yourself a short speed boost. Stay linked to the global grid to travel more quickly, but be wary since the grid tends to be more busy with hostile players.

How to play
Select a hero. Each hero is distinctive in their own way, wielding lightning spells and hurling enormous boulders, for example.
Utilize the mouse to control motion
Left mouse button to attack
Killing creatures or other players will increase your level.

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