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Zomm.io is a survival PVP game with zombies. You can join with many players around the world. In the game your goal is to win against zombies and monsters.

Change how your character looks and get pets.
The goal of this IO game is to stay alive while hordes of zombies and monsters try to kill you. How long will you last in the zombie apocalypse of the.io game?

Build your defenses. Keep yourself safe. Join forces with your friends or try to make it through the zombie apocalypse on your own. Join Zomm.io as a new player and try to get on the leaderboard.

Make your way forward to eliminate the challenges. You may make combat more manageable by purchasing weaponry and using tanks in battle.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move. The left mouse button to shoot, the wheel to throw a grenade, and the left mouse button to fight.

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