About is a game about going through obstacles. In this game, which is based on the now-famous Fall Guys, you have to avoid all obstacles and try to finish first. This is a game with real live multiplayer. Immerse yourself in the fierce battle of 10 players.

You have to try to finish first by avoiding any problems. In a 3D world, you have to run to the finish line while avoiding all kinds of obstacles and picking up coins so you can later change how your character looks.

You can buy chests at the store and dress up your own AstroDud with hats, trails, backpacks, and skins, among other things. Sign up for an account and log in to use these extra features. To achieve victory play as long as you can so as not to be eliminated and survive to the end.

Control button:

  • W A S D keys move the astronaut around the map.
  • Press E to push players.
  • Space key jump
  • Mouse-click around.

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