Car is an epic driving game. Start the roof war with different cars and hit them. Crash multiple cars and get as many points as you can.

How to play Car

Get in your car and drive. Move around and try to move as quickly as you can so you can attack other players but don't get thrown out of the game. Don't forget to try out all of the different car models. Keep in mind that the enemy's battle cars can also fly off the roof, and if that happens, you won't get the level. To become the best fighter at destroying cars, you have to hit and destroy them faster and faster. As more vehicles are destroyed, battle vehicles get bigger.

Get paid for every kill you make and open up new levels. Use your nitro and brakes well to fool other cars and be the last one standing. Act quickly and furiously to win the race and stay alive in this nightmare of a game.

Controls: Drag left mouse button to drive.

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