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About Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a straightforward, straightforward game. To control the car, simply click to go right and release the button to go left. 

This fun game will make you feel impressed and drawn to it because of how much fun it is. Do you like to drive or not? We often feel excited and tense when we play driving F1 games. The same goes for this driving game.

Game rules:

Make your car go around the curves in the road. Your job is to drive the Hunters car so that it goes as far as possible. The farther you get, the more points you get. Avoid falling into space. If this happens, it's the end of the unblocked game. You have to deal with roads that turn, bend, and bump. Take care when you drive on these roads. They will make it easy for you to go to space.

Keep drifting and picking up coins to unlock more vehicles like trucks, taxis, police cars, ice cream trucks, and more. There are coins all over the path. To gather, touch them.

How to control a boss car

Click right and release left to move. Your mouse or touchscreen can control your car.

PC: Press the left mouse button or space bar to drift right, release to go left.
Mobile: Touch the screen to drift right, release to go left.



How to play

Press the left mouse button or the space key to drift to the right.


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