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About EvoWars.io

EvoWars.io is a fun multiplayer io game set in an epic fantasy universe in which you must control a courageous and powerful warrior while attempting to slay your enemies with a sword. Each time you hurt or kill an adversary, the length of your sword increases, allowing you to slay more foes.

Control your character to swiftly traverse the map and escape other players' sword strikes while killing as many opponents as possible — you must move with purpose and time your swings! Can you dominate EvoWars and become the most powerful giant destroyer?

Every match begins with you as a primitive caveman. Your character evolves and gains new skins and weapons with each level! This is the result of an evolutionary process.

Keep in mind that the larger you are, the slower you will go! You can easily pursue lesser foes, but they are faster than you; be cautious not to miss them on the first hit, otherwise, you may have little chance against the rest!


Fierce fighting style to eliminate opponents

You can level up to increase in size and evolve to more than 15 character models

Define your own playstyle and take every opportunity to win

Use experience points to sprint


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



How to play

Move your mouse pointer around to move your character.

Left mouse button - attack.

Right mouse button - increase speed (user experience).


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