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About FlipSurf.io

FlipSurf.io is a thrilling.io surfing game. Bring your surfboard and compete for the championship with other players! Touch the screen to accelerate, then tap to perform crazy flips while flying through the air. Finding the ideal landing spot can significantly increase your speed. You can play Flipsurf.IO in vigoo for free using your browser.

Participate in the craziest surfing competition in history! FlipSurf.io allows you to take control of a professional surfer competing in races across vast stretches of a procedurally generated river. Run over boost bonuses and perform tricks in mid-air to overtake your opponents. Can you be the first to cross the finish line?

To control your character, use the A and D buttons to steer and the Space button to jump. You can also steer and perform tricks with your mouse or touch controls: simply drag or swipe across the screen in the desired direction. When you reach a ramp, hold the jump button to rotate your character in the air; the longer you can keep it up before landing, the more points you get. However, it is critical to be cautious and land on your feet (or, in this case, on your surf board) - otherwise, you will fall into the water and lose. If you can land perfectly, you will gain a significant speed boost for several seconds.

How to play

To steer left/right, press A/D or the left/right arrow.
To flip, press the space bar or the left mouse button.

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