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Are you ready to participate in the ultimate Funkin' Friday night battle? FNF Mods now include FNF: Doki Doki Takeover (DDLC). Although the final level is quite challenging, FNF: Doki Doki Takeover (DDLC) Mod's playability is still fairly nice.

A new MOD called Doki Doki Takeover features a fresh version of the well-known VS Monika MOD. The developers of VS Monika have put a lot of effort into giving us a fresh version of this MOD based on the Doki Doki universe. One of the most anticipated MODS of the season is about to take place, and it is unquestionably worth the wait since it is highly thrilling. Raise your hand if you're a fan of Monika and her pals!

Takeover of Doki Doki More than 15 new songs are included this week, including remastered versions of VS Monika tracks and brand-new songs featuring Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri in a rap fight. These songs emphasize the voices of the characters with a variety of appealing beats. The difficulty varies depending on the music, but there are some that are really challenging, such as the song with Just Monika where we encounter trick arrows that cannot be activated as well as arrows moving at full speed. By completing the first week, you may unlock this hidden song in the Freeplay mode. Play and have fun!

How to play

WASD to play.

+ or - to turn volume up or down.

Esc to go back.

Enter to select.

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